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When you get a traffic ticket or are charged with violating municipal ordinances, the consequences of being found guilty could result in large fines, loss of driving privileges and even jail time. It is important to have competent legal counsel when you appear in court. At the office, you will receive individualized attention and you will be given the legal advice necessary for you to make an informed decision at the time of your court appearance. There is never a consultation fee, so if you have received a traffic ticket or are charged with a municipal court violation, call the office to speak to Mr. Agresti to discuss your case.


Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Maybe you were walking and slipped on ice or fell on a wet surface in a supermarket? Whatever your injuries may be, the property owner may be responsible for your injuries. In order to protect your rights, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Mr. Agresti has handled a variety of cases and has tried a number of cases before judges and juries. There is no fee unless compensation is awarded for your injuries. Call to set up an appointment with Mr. Agresti to discuss your rights.


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions individuals will make over their lifetime. It is important to have an attorney with experience handling real estate contracts and transactions. Only an attorney can provide you with the legal advice regarding issues or problems that can and do arise from the signing of the real estate contract to the time that you close. Mr. Agresti handles all aspects of the real estate closing process and works closely with a title company to ensure that there are no title problems with the home or building your are purchasing. Contact Mr. Agresti for a free consultation.

Likewise, if you are selling your home or commercial building, it is important to have an attorney guide you through the steps needed to work with the buyer and his or her attorney to close on your property. Mr. Agresti will prepare or review the contract and prepare all paperwork including the Deed and any other documents necessary to finalize the sale.


Thinking about death is a difficult thing to do. However, it is important that you and the people you care about are properly taken care of upon your death. Having a Last Will and Testament is an important start to your estate planning. Mr. Agresti can discuss how you would like to have your assets distributed upon your death and will prepare the necessary documents to achieve your desired goals.

Additionally, perhaps someone close to you has passed away and you must now administer the estate. If so, contact Mr. Agresti to help you through the probate process and dealing with the insurance companies, etc.


If you are a landlord and your tenant hasn't paid their rent, it can cause a severe hardship to you. As a landlord you have to pay taxes, insurance and probably a mortgage. If a tenant fails to the pay the rent, there are certain laws that a landlord of a building must follow before you can evict a tenant. It is important that you discuss your rights as a landlord with Mr. Agresti before you proceed with an eviction complaint. Call and speak to Mr. Agresti the moment your tenant has not paid you your rent.

Additionally, some tenants pay their rent but are either noisy or causing problems at the property. There are certain things a landlord must do before they can try and have the tenant evicted from the property. It is important to discuss your options with Mr. Agresti before you proceed to file a complaint against your tenant.


A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the most common forms of bankruptcy filings. Chapter 7 usually involves a complete liquidation of your assets. If you are contemplating filing a bankruptcy petition, please contact the office. There are new rules and regulations that every debtor should be aware of before filing.


Have you been injured while working? If so, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Additionally, you may be able to receive medical benefits and temporary disability benefits while you can't work from your injuries. Don't delay in getting the benefits that you are entitled to if you have been injured on the job.

If you have any legal issues or questions, please contact the office to speak to Mr. Agresti. If you have a question or issue that isn't answered here, do not hesitate to call the office

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